St Malachi's Parish Church, Hillsborough - England Organ

Builder:  George Pike England 1795
Restored: Noel Mander 1970

       Chamber organ with glass doors - casework in a 'Chippendale' style.

Console type:  Integral
Stop controls: Drawstop

  Key:  Mechanical 
  Stop: Mechanical

Tuning (a'): 440 Hz

Wind supply
  Pressures (inches): 2 1/4


(GG-f3; 58 - No GG sharp)

Stopt Diapason Bass                     8       Divided at Mid. C
Stopt Diapason Treble                   8       Divided at Mid. C
Open Diapason                           8
Principal                               4
Twelfth                                 2 2/3
Fifteenth                               2
Sesquialtera Bass 22 26 29            III       New 1970 
Sesquialtera Treble 17 19 22          III       New 1970
Trumpet Middle C                        8       New 1970
Hautboy Middle C                        8       Robson - 1856. Enclosed in 
                                                'Nags Head' swell box.

        Hitch down Swell Pedal (Mechanical)

        Organ originally owned by Lady Arthur Hill of Hillsborough and
        was presented to the church in 1923.  
        Electric blowing was added in the 1970 rebuild as were tuning slides 
        as pipes were at the stage of being unable to cope with any more 
        cone tuning.

        New Sesquialtera was made by Mander and based upon original
        breaks as the old Sesquialtera had been replaced sometime
        during the instruments history (by someone unknown) with a
        Snetzler chimney flute. 

        Original Trumpet was lost.

        The organ is located in the choir area at the front of the church.

Source - IMcC 4/1995

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