Ulster Hall, Bedford Street, Belfast

Great Swell (Enclosed) Pedal
Double Diapason16 Double Diapason16 Double Open Diapason32 B
Bourdon16 Open Diapason8 Open Diapason II16 B
Open Diapason I8 Stopt Diapason8 Open Diapason I16
Open Diapason II8 Salicional8 Violone16
Stopt Diapason8 Voix Celestes bot A#8 Bourdon16
Gamba8 Octave4 Octave8
Quint5 1/3 Suabe Flute4 Bass Flute8
Principal4 Fifteenth2 Fifteenth4
Conical Flute4 Full Mixture Sesquialtera 12.17II
Twelfth2 2/3 Double Trumpet16 Mixture
Fifteenth2 Trumpet8 Contra Bombarde32 A
Full Mixture Cornopean8 Trombone16
Sharp Mixture 22.26.29III Oboe8 Contra Fagotto16
Double Trumpet16 Vox Humana8 Clarion8
Trumpet8 Clarion4
Posaune8 Gt & Ped Combs Coupled
Clarion4 Tremulant Choir Octave to Pedal
Solo to Swell Swell Octave to Pedal
Choir to Great Choir to Pedal
Swell to Great Great to Pedal
Solo to Great Swell to Pedal
Solo to Pedal
Choir Solo
Stopt Diapason8 Harmonic Flute8
Principal4 Harmonic Flute4
Rohr Flute4 Harmonic Piccolo2
Nazard2 2/3 Corno di Bassetto16
Flautina2 Clarinet8
Tierce1 3/5 Grand Cornet T.F.V
Larigot1 1/3 Fourniture
Dulciana Mixture 19.22II Cymbal
Cymbal Contra Tuba16 A
Bassoon16 Tuba8
Cremona8 Tuba Clarion4
Fanfare Trumpet8 (So) Fanfare Trumpet8
Tremulant Tremulant
Swell to Choir
Solo to Choir

Builder: William Hill, London, 1861
Rebuilt: Thomas Hill, London, 1903
Electrified: Evans & Barr Ltd, Belfast, 1930 & 1956
Rebuilt: N P Mander, London, 1976-8
Fanfare Trumpet Added: N P Mander, London, 1982
General Sequencing System Installed: P G Prosser & Son, Dunmurry, 1988
Overhauled: P G Prosser & Son, Dunmurry, 1996

Source - AGMcC 11/1996

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