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Preserving and rehousing redundant pipe organs from the island of Ireland

Belfast Royal Academy

The organ in Delvin RC church Co. Westmeath became redundant when the church was renovated. The organ sat in the north transept but it was required with the choir on the west gallery where it could not possibly fit. The church subsequently purchased an electronic organ and the Pipe Organ Preservation purchased the pipe organ with a view to finding a home. At this time Belfast Royal Academy who had shown interest in the former Carnmoney Presbyterian organ were approached and it soon became clear that the Delvin organ would be an ideal instrument for the school assembly hall.

Organ in Belfast Royal Academy after restoration & relocation (above)

Organ in Delvin RC Co.Westmeath before restoration & relocation (above)

When we received this organ, it had been stored in a damp outhouse for several months and consequently it required what amounted to a full restoration. The bellows were releathered and both soundboards were repalleted. The casework was stripped and repolished and the opportunity was taken to reinstate some turned finials and add simple pipe shades. The front pipes were resprayed with Ardenbrite light gold and laquered. A new electric blower replaced a large German model which could not be got to start easily. When the organ was again playable we tried the pipes in the new location. This assembly hall has a suspended ceiling, large windows on either side covered by curtains and a stage at the front of the hall with large curtains. As a result the acoustic (or lack of) is very detrimental to the sound. The whole organ sounded very soft and needed serious revoicing. All the new pipes added in 1980 were flue regulated and very neo-baroque sounding. These were all loudened, windways widened, nicking added and cut-ups raised. The result was a much warmer sound but still retaining enough interest (chiff). They also balance better with the Manual II 8884 which are the older pipes and have more romantic voicing.


Manual I
Larigot1 1/3

Manual II
Diapason81-16 in prospect
Gamba81-12 grooved from Clarabella
MixtureII-IIIC1 19.22, C13 15.19.22, E41 12.15.19, C#50 8.12.15



Man I - Ped
Man II - Ped
No intermanual coupler

Manual CC-g (56 Notes)
Pedals CCC-F (30 Notes)

Height 3430mm
Width 2265mm
Depth 3500mm approx including pedalboard & stool

Mechanical action to manuals & drawstops
Tubular-pneumatic action to Pedals
Organ in recess at back of hall with attached drawstop console
Pitch pine rear case with mahogany centre case
Front display of 17 gold painted pipes arranged: | 3 | 11 | 3 |

Builder : Telford c1900 (built for Convent of Mercy Navan Co. Meath)
Enlarged & Installed : Kenneth Jones Glendalough & Bray 1980
Restored & Installed : Pipe Organ Preservation Co Belfast 2005

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