Pipe Organ Preservation Co. (of Ireland)

Preserving and rehousing redundant pipe organs from the island of Ireland

St Gall's Church of Ireland, Carnalea, Bangor

The organ previously stood on a shelf above the west door when the church was built in 1966. It was an Irish Organ Co. 3-rank extension organ which was subsequently enlarged and moved to a new case at the east end by Philip Prosser in 1987. A larger Makin electronic was bought in 1998 and the pipe organ case emptied. A new heating system used the east case and west shelf for heating units necessitating some sort of screen to disguise the west unit. As an organ originally stood there, it was decided to commission an organ case. The Pipe Organ Preservation Co. were chosen to do this and carefully designed a modern case to relate to the surroundings. Installation in the church took place in August 2011.

Church front and back before work started (above)

New organ case being erected (above)

New case completed (above)

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