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Comber Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church Co. Down

We were contacted by Comber Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church Co. Down regarding a pipe organ to replace their aging electronic. A suitable pipe organ was found in England and was subsequently restored and installed in the church at minimal cost.

A small pipe organ had originally existed in the church but this was displaced in the 1960s in favour of an electronic. By 1999 this electronic needed replaced and we are pleased that the congregation decided to opt for a pipe organ. The church was built in 1836 and this historic organ now installed is very contemporary with the building.

The builder of the pipe organ is attributed to Minns of Taunton, Somerset, and can be dated to c1867 by the newspaper on the bearers of the soundboard. It originally stood in Milverton Methodist Church, Somerset, and was removed in 1999 having been displaced by an electronic. The specification and voicing are typical of an earlier chamber organ style. The only alterations are the addition of an electric blower and the fitting of stoppers to the Open Diapason 8' bass to make 16'.

The front pipes had their original paint and were in poor condition. They have since been restored and totally repainted in the original colour and finish by a professional art restorer.

The soundboard which had never been worked on since it was built and had latterly given some trouble with murmers was fully restored, flooded & repalleted by ourselves in June/July 2005.


L H Jamb (top to bottom)
Open Diapason8Tenor C
Double Open Diapason161-12
Dulciana8Tenor C
Flute4Tenor C

R H Jamb (top to bottom)
Stopped Diapason Bass81-12
Clarabella8Tenor C
Principal Bass41-12
Principal4Tenor C

Pedal pulldowns permanently coupled to manual

Manual CC-f (54 Notes)
Pedals CC-G (20 Notes) straight, flat pedalboard

Height 9' 4"
Width 5' 6"
Depth 4' 10"

Hitch-down Swell Pedal towards RHS
Composition Pedal to Principal 4 (not reversible)
Composition Pedal to Fifteenth 2 (not reversible)

All enclosed except Double Diapason 1-12
Blowing handle on front of case at treble end
Mechanical action throughout
Organ against 'east' wall of church on 'south' side with attached drawstop console (player faces 'east')
Pitch pine case with 4 uprights & panelled bass return
23 front pipes painted grey base with gold mouths & maroon diapering arranged: | 5 | 13 | 5 |

Double Diapason - 1-12 w stopped
Open Diapason - 13-19 w open, 20-54 m
Clarabella - 1-24 w stopped, 25-54 w open
Dulciana - 13-19 w stopped, 20-54 m
Principal - 1-12 w open, 13-54 m
Flute - 13-53 w open, 54 m
Fifteenth - 1-54 m

Builder : Minns Taunton ? c1867
Restored : Geo. Osmond & Co. Taunton c1972
Installed : Pipe Organ Preservation Co Belfast 2000

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