Pipe Organ Preservation Co. (of Ireland)

Preserving and rehousing redundant pipe organs from the island of Ireland

St Paul's Church of Ireland, Diamond Grange, Co. Armagh


Pedal Effect161-20, melodic
Open Diapason8
Stop Diapason8
Salicional8Tenor C
Dulciana81-7 grooved to Stop Diap.

Compass FF-a (53 Notes)

Hitch-down Swell Pedal at RHS
All enclosed except Open Diapason & Pedal Effect
Tubular-pneumatic action throughout (sliderless sprung pouch soundboard)
Medium oak case with unfinished zinc front pipes (sprayed gold in 2012) arranged: | 5 | 11 | 5 |
Watkins & Watson Ltd London ‘Discus’ blower
271 speaking pipes

Builder : Evans & Barr Ltd Belfast 1937
Restored : Pipe Organ Preservation Co Belfast 2012

The organ was restored without alteration at an affordable cost which turned out to be less than the electronic replacement the church was considering.

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