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Preserving and rehousing redundant pipe organs from the island of Ireland

St Mary's Star of the Sea Church, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim

The 1932 Hart & Churchill organ in St Mary's Star of the Sea, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim was in poor condition when we first saw it. The building has just been refurbished and the organ was covered in dust. After restoration in 2003 and enhancement of the case decoration it is a good working example of what must be one of the last tracker organs to be built pre Organ Reform Movement.

Organ before and during restoration (above)

Organ after restoration (above)


Open Diapason81-19 in prospect
Stop Diapason8
Dulciana81-12 grooved to Stop Diapason
Harmonic Flute4

Swell (Enclosed)
Violin Diapason81-12 grooved to Leiblich Gedacht
Leiblich Gedacht8
Echo Gamba81-12 grooved to Leiblich Gedacht (2003)
Voix Celeste8T.C.

Bass Flute8A


Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell to Great
Swell Octave

Manual CC-a (58 Notes)
Pedals CCC-F (30 Notes)

2 composition pedals to Swell
2 composition pedals to Great
Hitch-down Swell Pedal at RHS

Mechanical action to manuals & drawstops
Tubular-pneumatic action to Pedals
Organ on west gallery with attached drawstop console (player faces west)
Pitch pine case
Front display of 23 cream painted pipes with gold leaf mouths (4 dummy) arranged: | 7 | 9 | 7 |

Builder : Hart & Churchill Ltd Belfast 1932
Restored : Pipe Organ Preservation Co Belfast 2003

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