Ulster Society of Organists and Choirmasters

U.S.O.C. Newsletter - December 1999


Plans are already afoot to make the Millenium Year a truly memorable one in the Society's history and these will be disclosed at the Annual General Meeting to be held in the Court House, Hillsborough, at 3 pm on Saturday 8th January, 2000 AD.

At it, office-bearers (including a new President) and a committee will be elected, a review of the present year presented, and an opportunity provided for discussion about any aspect of the Society's affairs which members wish to raise.

And just in case you are not familiar with the town, perhaps I should add that the Court House is the square, grey, Georgian edifice a top of the hill - on the right as one ascends.


At the AGM it is not intended to propose any increase in the Society's annual subscription (currently 17.50; 10.00 for students), but if you do not already do so you might like to consider paying your subscription by Bankers Order. For you this would have the advantage of saving you the trouble of forwarding the subscription each year to the Honorary Treasurer; for the Society it would have the merits of ensuring regular payment of at least some of its income, and of relieving the Honorary Treasurer of the task of issuing reminders to forgetful members! To employ this method of payment simply complete the form attached and present it to your bank. The annual subscription is due (prospectively) in January.


1 Church of the Epiphany, Sicily Park, Finaghy; Allen Organ; details from Revd Peter McDowell, 01232 601588.
2 Holy Trinity Church, Ballysillan; Burns Organ; further information from Ruth Esler, 01232 710262.


At St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, "an enthusiastic young organ student" is invited to apply for the Herrick Bunney Organ Scholarship worth 1000.00 per annum, normally awarded in conjunction with a BMus degree course at Napier University. I have a sheet with details regarding the music at St Giles and duties of the organ scholar; please contact me if you wish to have a copy. Applications are to be submitted by 15th December.

And that's it for the 20th century! I look forward to meet you at Hillsborough on 8th January. For now, my best wishes to you for the Christmas season.

Your Honorary Secretary



Beecham stories are legion so no apologies if this one is already known to you: Returning to his hotel in Manchester one night Sir Thomas encountered in the foyer a woman who looked familiar but he could not recall her name. Remembering, however, that she had a brother he politely enquired how this brother was and whether he was still doing the same job. "Oh yes", replied the woman, "he is very well - and still the King".

Know any more humorous tales about musicians in general or church organists in particular? If so please pass them on to me for inclusion in future circulars.

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