St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh

Great Swell (Enclosed) Pedal
Double Open Diapason16 Bourdon16 Double Open Diapason32
Open Diapason No.18 Voix Celeste T.C.8 Open Diapason16
Open Diapason No.28 Viola da Gamba8 Violone16
Wald Flute8 Open Diapason8 Bourdon16 B
Octave4 Stopped Diapason8 Quint10 2/3 B
Harmonic Flute4 Principal4 Octave8
Twelfth2 2/3 Suabe Flute4 Bass Flute8 B
Fifteenth2 Fifteenth2 Principal8 D
Mixture Sesquialtera 12.17II Octave Flute4 B
Sharp Mixture 26.29.33III Mixture Superoctave4 D
Trumpet8 Oboe8 Mixture
Double Trumpet16 Contra Trombone32 C
Swell to Great Trumpet8 Trombone16 C
Choir to Great Clarion4 Trumpet8 A
Clarion4 A
Choir (Enclosed) Solo Reeds (playable on Choir) Couplers
Viol d'Orchestre8 Trumpet8 A Great to Pedal
Dulciana8 Clarion4 A Swell to Pedal
Open Diapason8 Tuba8 Choir to Pedal
Vox Angelica T.C.8 Choir Octave to Pedal
Stopped Diapason8 Swell Reeds on Pedal
Rohr Flute4 Gt & Ped Combs Coupled
Principal4 Gens on Swell Toe Pistons
Nazard2 2/3 Cimbelstern
Tierce1 3/5
Quint1 1/3
Orchestral Oboe8
Swell to Choir

Builder: J W Walker & Sons, 1840
Repaired: J W Walker & Sons, 1842
Moved to North Transept: J W Walker & Sons, 1854
Rebuilt: J W Walker & Sons, 1870
Tonal Revision: J W Walker & Sons, 1876
Rebuilt: J W Walker & Sons, 1899
Rebuilt: Evans & Barr Ltd, Belfast, 1928
Overhauled: Telford & Telford, Dublin, 1941
Rebuilt: J W Walker & Sons, 1954-55
Tonal Revision: J W Walker & Sons, 1970
Repaired: C A Smethurst, Manchester, 1978
Repaired: Wells-Kennedy Partnership Ltd, Lisburn, 1989
Rebuilt: Wells-Kennedy Partnership Ltd, Lisburn, 1996-7

Source - AGMcC 3/1997

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