St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Cushendall

Builder:  Wells Kennedy Partnership (Lisburn) 1988       

Case:     Symmetrical 'ruckpositiv' in oak mounted on centre gallery
          rail at west end - pipework in 70% polished tin

Console type:  Detached & Reversed
Stop controls: Drawstop
Pedals type:   Concave & Radiating

  Key:  Mechanical 
  Stop: Mechanical

Tuning (a'): 440 Hz

Wind supply
  Power: BOB (Derby)
  Pressures (inches): 2 1/2

History: All new


Manual (C-g3; 56)

Open Diapason           8       8-32 in prospect 70% tin
Stopped Diapason        8       Wood
Principal               4
Chimney Flute           4
Wald Flute              2       Tapered
Mixture 19 22        II - III

Pedal (C-f; 30)

Bourdon                16


Manual to Pedal

Source - IMcC 4/1995

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