St Malachi's Parish Church, Hillsborough - Snetzler Organ

Builder:  John Snetzler 1773
          Telford 1972
          Conacher 1894
          Evans & Barr 1924
          Walker 1952
          Wells Kennedy Partnership (Lisburn) 1970-1972

        Gothic Style

Console type:  Integral
Stop controls: Drawstop - Jambs inclined at 30 deg.
Pedals type:   Concave & radiating

  Key:  Mechanical 
  Stop: Electro pneumatic and Direct Solenoid

Tuning (a'):      440 Hz

Wind supply
  Power: Watkins & Watson 'Discus' blower
  Pressures (inches): 2 1/2


I Choir (C-f3; 54)

Chimney Flute                   8 Snetzler
Flute                           4 Snetzler
Fifteenth                       2 Snetzler
Larigot                     1 3/5 Wells Kennedy
Cimbal 29 33 36               III Wells Kennedy

II Great (C-f3; 54)

Open Diapason                   8 Snetzler
Stopt Diapason                  8 Snetzler
Principal                       4 Snetzler
Fifteenth                       2 Snetzler
Sesquialtera 15 17 19 22       IV Snetzler
Mixture 19 22 26 29            IV Wells Kennedy
Cornet (from Tenor G)           V Wells Kennedy
Trumpet                         8 Snetzler

III Swell (Enclosed C-f3; 54)

Gedackt                         8 Evans & Barr
Principal                       4 Snetzler
Blockflute                      2 Wells Kennedy
Sesquialtera 17 19 / 12 17     II Wells Kennedy
Mixture 26 29 33              III Wells Kennedy
Contra Oboe                    16 Wells Kennedy & Snetzler
Trumpet                         8 Snetzler

Pedal (C-f; 30)

Open Diapason                  16 Snetzler, wood
Principal                       8 19th centuary
Nachthorn                       4 Wells Kennedy
Quint                       2 2/3 Wells Kennedy
Twenty-Second                   2 Snetzler
Posaune                        16 Wells Kennedy
Cremona                         4 19th centuary

        Great to Choir
        Swell to Choir
        Swell to Great
        Choir to Pedal
        Great to Pedal
        Swell to Pedal

        Balanced Swell Pedal (Mechanical)

        4 adjustable (electric) pistons to each department
        1 general cancel on toe piston

        Great and Swell slider soundboards have electropneumatic drawstop
        action while choir and Pedal slider soundboards have direct
        electric solonoid drawstop mechanism.

        In 1868 Snetzlers keyboards were lost when some minor cleaning
        and repairing was carried out.

        Original tracker action was replaced in either the 1894 or 1924
        rebuild by tubular pneumatic.  Wells Kennedy replaced this with
        new tracker key and pedal action in 1970.

        Various Snetzler stops were lost during the various rebuilds.  The
        1970 rebuild attempted to make the most of the existing original
        pipework and add new ranks voiced and scaled to blend and enhance
        the sound of the historical pipework.  

        No complete example of Snetzlers work survives - the largest is 
        Beverly Minster in Yorkshire where there are 16 original Snetzler
        stops.  Hillsborough has 13 complete and some partially complete
        Snetzler stops.

        The organ is located on the back gallery.

Source - IMcC 4/1995

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