Ravenhill Presbyterian Church Belfast

Builder:  Wells Kennedy Partnership (Lisburn) 1981       

Case:     Brazilian Mahogany with facade piped in polished 90% tin.

Console type:  Detached
Stop controls: Tilting tablet
Pedals type:   Concave & Radiating

  Key:  Electropneumatic
  Stop: Electric Solenoid

Tuning (a'): 440 Hz

History: Organ originated from a T.C. Lewis 17 stop two manual and pedal
         installed in Clayton Street Methodist Church, Blackburn, England
         c. 1883.  This was dismantled in 1958 and rebuilt by Conacher
         and Co. (Huddersfield) and became the basis for the Ravenhill
         instrument in 1962.

         The church was damaged severly by fire in 1979 when most of the 
         existing organ was lost or damaged beyond repair.

         The new organ has slider soundboards and has 28 speaking stops,
         1584 pipes and incorporates some of the old pipework from the
         swell department of the old organ as this was protected from
         the highest tempratures.


I Great (C-c4; 61)

Quintadena             16
Open Diapason           8 
Rohr Flute              8       Lewis pipework
Principal               4
Koppel Flute            4
Gemshorn                2
Mixture 15 19 22 26    IV
Cornet 12 17           II
Trumpet                 8       Conacher pipework
Clarion                 4       Conacher pipework

II Swell (Enclosed C-c4; 61)

Geigen Diapason         8       Lewis pipework
Bourdon                 8       Lewis pipework
Gamba                   8       Lewis pipework
Voix Celeste            8       Lewis pipework
Geigen Principal        4       Lewis pipework
Fifteenth               2       Conacher pipework
Mixture 22 26 29      III
Bassoon                16       Conacher pipework
Trompette               8       Has extra 12 notes for octave coupler

Pedal (C-f; 30)

Open Diapason          16       Lewis pipework
Bourdon                16       Lewis pipework
Octave                  8
Bass Flute              8
Fifteenth               4
Twenty Second           2
Posaune                16       Conacher pipework
Trumpet                 8       Conacher pipework
Clarion                 4       Conacher pipework


Great to Pedal          
Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Swell Octave to Pedal
Swell Unison Off
Swell Octave
Swell Sub Octave


Great and Pedal Combinations coupled
Balanced mechanical swell pedal
4 pistons to each department
Reversible thumb pistons for Great to Pedal, 
                             Swell to Pedal,
                             Swell to Great.

Source - IMcC 4/1995

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